Brexit Secretary Runners and Riders

May appears to want to replace David Davis rather than abolish Dexeu – Number 10 say they will be announcing a new Brexit Secretary this morning. There aren’t many options…

  • David Lidington: May’s trusty deputy could take over nominally, Dexeu could be rolled into the Cabinet Office, and May and Robbins could officially take control. Lidders is an ultra-Europhile, this would be a red rag to Brexiteers.
  • Michael Gove: Could a Brexiteer really take over? After his sellout on Marr yesterday, Gove would be the prime Leave candidate. Though with Tory Brexiteers now rejecting May’s deal, if Gove took the job he would possibly be saying goodbye to his dream of being leader…
  • Liam Fox: Perhaps the only other Cabinet Brexiteer loyal enough to May to take the job. Not doing much at DIT at the moment. 
  • Chris Grayling: Err. Things really are getting that bad.
  • Dom Raab: Should have been in the Cabinet ages ago. But hard to see why he would want the job now, or how he could do it given the state of the deal.

Err, any other ideas?

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Quote of the Day

Emily Thornberry tells Labour activists some home truths…

“…we must all acknowledge, that there are sickening individuals on the fringes of our movement, who use our legitimate support for Palestine as a cloak and a cover for their despicable hatred of Jewish people, and their desire to see Israel destroyed.”


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