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Forget the Cult of Corbyn – that’s so last summer. This year’s in vogue subject of far-left hero-worship is John McDonnell, who has acquired thousands of young Twitter fanboys over the last few months. They used to sing “Ohh, Jeremy Corbyn”, now the younger members of the Corbyn movement have turned their attentions to the Shadow Chancellor, dubbing him “Don McJohnnell”“The Absolute Don” and “The Donfather”.

The most prevalent McDonnell meme is to tweet “arm John McDonnell”, a reference to his 2011 call to arm the working class and mount a revolution, or perhaps his support for the “bombs and bullets” of the IRA. In response to McDonnell’s admission yesterday that his job is to “overthrow capitalism”, his supporters responded in kind. They even have a t-shirt.

Some young lefties have even started to copy the Milo / Trump supporter meme of calling their hero “daddy“:

Will the Leader’s Office start to get jealous?

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