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Good morning, it’s election day! Guido brings you the full roll call of candidates who have been suspended up and down the country over the last few weeks.

Suspended Tory candidates:

  • Matt Lynch in Hastings suspended over doubts over his claims to be a war veteran
  • George Stoakley in Fen Ditton suspended for joking about “a Jew in an attic”
  • Kamran Razzaq suspended for claiming Labour give you hepatitis
  • Karen Sunderland in Lewisham suspended for comparing Islam to Nazism
  • David Boston in Enfield suspended for saying bacon on your door handle protects from terrorists
  • Matthew Clarke in Stevenage suspended for saying gay people should face the death penalty
  • Nick Sundin in Newcastle suspended for Islamophobic tweets
  • Ian Robinson in Netherton suspended for sharing Britain First posts (he says he was hacked)
  • Mike Payne suspended in Yorkshire for calling Muslims parasites
  • Peter Handley in Oxford suspended for calling a colleague a cripple

Suspended Labour candidates:

  • Irfan Javed suspended in Stevenage for ranting about “Jew propaganda”
  • Sameh Habeeb in Northwood suspended for suggesting Jews control the media
  • Roy Smart in Tunbridge Wells suspended for questioning the Holocaust
  • Alan Bull suspended for post claiming the Holocaust was a hoax
  • Richard Taylor suspended for calling female Tory MPs “foul b*tches”
  • Pam Bromley in Rossendale suspended for alleged anti-Semitic posts
  • Claire Udy suspended for anti-Semitic tweets
  • Matthew Brown suspended in Yarborough for undisclosed reasons
  • David Walls in Newsham suspended for anti-Semitism
  • Mandy Richards suspended in Worcester for conspiracy theory posts
  • Jim Dempster in Dumfries suspended for Islamophobia
  • Lee Anderson in Ashfield suspended for alleged racism
  • Davie Machlachan suspended in South Lanarkshire for alleged racism

Labour have not suspended a host of other candidates who clearly breached party rules:

  • Dipu Ahad in Newcastle who spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Marks and Spencer
  • Sharon Hamilton in Leeds who has been accused of bullying
  • Tony Cottier in Bebington who called Jacob Rees-Mogg an “Opus Dei c**t”
  • Sam Gardner in Westminster who called Tories “c**ts” and told them to die
  • Jasmine Kennedy in Kirklees who tweeted about “dyke lesbian bitches”
  • Henry Fowler in Wandsworth who called Labour moderates “scum”
  • Paul Eustice in Worthing who accused Boris of carrying out the Salisbury attack
  • Elizabeth Hayden in Liverpool posted slurs about terror attacks
  • Barbara Hainsworth in Westminster who compared May to Hitler
  • Matthew Uberoi who admitted to voters that he was once jailed for a stock market scam
  • Kashif Raza who posted homophobic and sexist videos
  • Tara Lyans in Welywn Hatfield who tweeted about punching “b*tches” and Prince William
  • Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt in South Thanet who posted about the “Zionist sympathies” of Jewish MPs
  • Salim Mulla was suspended as a councillor for anti-Semitism but then reinstated
  • Ilyas Aziz was suspended as a councillor for anti-Semitism but then reinstated
  • Shah Hussain was suspended as a councillor for anti-Semitism but then reinstated
  • Miqdad Al-Nuaimi was suspended as a councillor for anti-Semitism but then reinstated
  • Andrew Slack was suspended as a councillor but then reinstated
  • Luke Cresswell was suspended as a councillor but then reinstated

On this evidence, it’s hard not to conclude that the parties have a very different approach to dealing with dodgy candidates…

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