Labour Activists Brand First BAME Home Secretary “Coconut” and “Uncle Tom”

Sajid Javid’s appointment as the first BAME holder of a Great Office of State has been met with a torrent of vitriol from Labour activists, members and pro-Corbyn social media fanboys. Here is a selection of the racially-charged abuse Saj has been receiving…

Tariq Mahmood, a prominent Labour activist who is out campaigning for the local elections in Peterborough this week, called him a “coconut”:

Jack Johnson, a former Labour councillor of 10 years, called Saj an “uncle Tom” and “scum”:

X Factor’s Steve Brookstein, who has repeatedly tweeted in support of Corbyn and Labour, called him an “uncle Tom”:

Suna Miah, who ran the audio-visual for Corbyn’s speech at the Muslim Council of Britain leadership dinner two weeks ago, called Saj a “brown coconut”:

Omar Qureshi, a Labour member in Birmingham who is pictured wearing a Corbyn t-shirt in his Twitter profile picture, said:

Labour activist Salman Khan, a self-proclaimed Corbyn supporter with a “Jeremy Corbyn for PM” graphic in his Twitter picture, tweeted that Saj is a “literal coconut”:

The @LabourUnite account, which has 35,000 followers including John McDonnell, Angela Rayner, Chris Williamson and a host of other Labour MPs, called Saj an “uncle Tom” too:

Bern Price, a Corbynista who posts pro-Labour and anti-Tory memes most days, shared this video from the Corbyn fan page EL4C, adding: “Uncle Tom has sold out to the Honkeys”:

Nu’man Abd al-Wahid, a “researcher on British imperialism” and big time Corbyn supporter who runs a Twitter account called @ChurchillsKarma, said:

Mohammed Kawsar, a Labour activist who regularly posts pro-Labour graphics and tells his followers to vote Labour, commented:

Tony Walker, a Labour supporter in Leeds who posts pro-Corbyn memes and is friends with Jackie Walker, commented:

Kinder, gentler. politics. Will Corbyn even lift a finger to stop this?

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