Oh Mandy: 7 Looniest Conspiracy Theories of Corbynista Candidate

Corbynista parliamentary candidate Mandy Richards is attracting a lot of attention for her somewhat idiosyncratic views on politics and the British state. Richards was selected by Labour to fight marginal Worcester (majority 2,500) despite the fact she is banned from bringing court cases without a judge’s approval after she made a string of vexatious (AKA bonkers) claims against MI5, the police and even Thames Water and Royal Mail. Guido brings you Mandy’s greatest hits…

  • Richards appeared to question the authenticity of media coverage of the Manchester terror attack, tweeting: “can news agencies, police or anyone else for that matter explain why still no image/footage of physical damage at Manchester arena?”
  • She described the murder of Jo Cox as an “incident conveniently bereft of evidence”. 
  • Suggested the death of Joni Sledge (from band Sister Sledge) was the result of a hidden plot. She wrote: “How many more shock celebrity deaths before high incidence called into question?”
  • Posted a video suggesting footage of the Westminster terror attack was faked and dishonestly edited. 
  • Suggested a scene from the movie Inception shows the state is using “dream manipulation to induce behaviour in military or potential terror attackers”. She claimed the technique ‘cultivates killer soldiers’…
  • Richards stood as a Labour candidate in the 2016 London assembly election and lost, after which she immediately brought a High Court action challenging the result. She blamed her loss on a conspiracy between the returning officer and Labour centrist group Progress…
  • According to the Sunday Times, she brought failed court cases against MI5, MI6, the Metropolitan Police, the British Army, Thames Water, and her gas, electricity and broadband suppliers, Royal Mail, Hackney council, her GP and the freeholder of her flat. Richards accused the organisations of putting her under surveillance, tampering with her car, bicycle and mail, breaking into her home and failing to stop alleged attempts to poison her…

As a result of her claims she was placed under 14 extended civil restraint orders by the High Court. As of this morning she remains a Labour candidate. One to watch for a Shadow Cabinet job…

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