New Move to Oust Bercow

A cross-party group of MPs is planning to issue John Bercow with an ultimatum to announce a departure date or face a new move to oust him this year. Tory MPs have approached colleagues in other parties attempting to entice them with offers of extra debates in exchange for not opposing a move against the Speaker. Traditionally Labour MPs have defended Bercow against Tory attempts to unseat him – but the mood is said to have changed following the recent bullying revelations and the emergence of Harriet Harman as a candidate to replace him. So determined are Tory MPs to finally see the last of Bercow that some have let it be known they would prefer Harman to him in the chair. Separately, one well-placed source says Tory candidates have been speaking with CCHQ about the potential availability of his Buckingham seat… 

Back in June 2009, when he became Speaker, Bercow promised he would serve “for no more than nine years in total”. 9 years would be June 22 this year, or 63 days from now…

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David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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