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Jewish Leadership Council:

“His actions so far do not match up to his words… The fact is that his first act following that is to go to a dinner last night with an organisation who on Thursday published a letter saying that this was all smears against Jeremy Corbyn and saying that this was a right-wing conspiracy to stop him becoming the Prime Minister of this country. The issue is the message he is sending to the community… The first act that he has done towards the community speaks volumes… the mainstream leaders were booed as their names were stated at last night’s dinner at which Jeremy Corbyn was present… Surely it cannot have been sensible, if Jeremy wishes to build bridges with the community, for the first act to be attending a dinner with people who are so hostile.”

Jewish Labour Movement:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to spend his evening with an organisation that said “F *** you ” to Jews who have serious and well founded concerns over antisemitism within the Labour Party, has truly topped off the worst week on record of awful relations between the Labour Party and the Jewish community. When we called on the Leader of our Party to show moral leadership, and take decisive action to stamp out antisemitism, this is not what we had in mind. Jewish Party activists have spent the weekend knocking on doors for local candidates for Council elections across the country. They do not deserve the indignity of our Leader making this situation even worse.”

Board of Deputies:

“[Jewdas] refer to antisemitism in Labour as a smear. If Jeremy Corbyn goes to their event how can we take his stated commitment to be an ally against antisemitism seriously?”

Holocaust Educational Trust:

“It was clearly deliberate. No question of intent. Mocking. And disrespectful.”

Jewish Chronicle:

“At the very time when Jeremy Corbyn is claiming to be “an ally” in the fight against antisemitism, when he is issuing finely worded statements about his commitment to that fight, the one group he chooses to endorse by his presence just days after the mainstream Jewish community protested about his refusal to take antisemitism seriously is the group that last week issued a statement dismissing the idea that there is any serious issue around antisemitism in the Labour Party… This is of course a pattern to his excuses. He didn’t see. He was unaware. He didn’t know. It’s always variations on that theme, and they are always and obviously sophistry. Mr Corbyn knew exactly what he was doing last night. And we should draw our own conclusion about his good faith in claiming to be an ally in the fight about antisemitism within his own party.”

Campaign Against Anti-Semitism:

“Given the antisemitism crisis engulfing the Labour Party, there is absolutely no way that Mr Corbyn can claim that this too was an oversight. Following the events of the past few weeks and indeed the past three years, this is a very clear two fingered salute at mainstream British Jewry. It is hard to imagine how this duplicitous man can claim to be remedying antisemitism within the Labour Party. The Party must consider the message that is sent to British Jews and other minorities by him remaining as Leader.”

Labour Friends of Israel:

“A week ago, Jeremy Corbyn claimed to be a “militant opponent” of antisemitism. He has done nothing in the past seven days to show that he is. He has instead chosen to repeatedly ally himself with those who suggest that the crisis of antisemitism in the Labour party is nothing but a smear manipulated by his political enemies. That he chose to attend last night’s Jewdas event is utterly unsurprising. It shows just how seriously he takes this problem.”

Owen Jones, Paul Mason et al are saying this story is a right-wing smear. They are shamefully ignoring all the above.

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