Labour General Secretary Runners and Riders

Iain McNicol is in the process of being purged – see Guido’s report on how he hasn’t yet formally resigned and wants to guarantee a peerage and big pay-off. A Corbynista will surely be the next Labour general secretary. As ever, Guido gives you your runners and riders…

Jennie Formby: The Unite fixer – and Len McCluskey’s baby momma – is the early favourite. She is a vice-chair of Labour’s NEC and sits on the panel that decides the timetable for the appointment. Obviously she is not recusing herself

Lucy Anderson: Labour MEP and hardline Corbyn supporter. Being tipped by Corbynistas who want a woman to take over.

Andrew Murray: Seumas Milne’s old comrade, an infamous communist and Stop the War agitator who once argued that Stalin was preferable to the West. See his greatest hits here. Was in Labour HQ for the election and Corbyn has just re-hired him as a part-time consultant, could he be looking for something more full-time?

Jon Lansman: Momentum chief, tipped for the job when the Corbynistas last tried to do in McNicol. Though he’s not universally popular in the leader’s office and may have to be content with a place on Labour’s NEC.

Lisa Johnson: The GMB union candidate. Surely too conciliatory a choice. 

Paul Mason: Outside shot. Has long coveted high office in the Labour Party and has some very strong ideas about how to change internal party structures. Leader’s office will probably want someone less mental.

Matt Zarb / Aaron Bastani job-share: What about skipping a generation and choosing two younger Corbynistas for the job? Bastani is a former anarchist so used to shared leadership.

Good luck…

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Fresh from making his campaign pledge to kill off old people, Jeremy Hunt says on Islamophobia…

“We have to be whiter that white ourselves… we have to make sure we are dealing with this issue…”


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