Get Corbyn to Sign the Stasi Archive’s Consent Form & Win a Piece of Berlin Wall! mdi-fullscreen

After PMQs Corbyn’s spokesman declined to pass on a Stasi archives consent form which, if signed, would disclose any and all information held by the East German secret police about the Labour leader. At the briefing for journalists after PMQs Guido handed the completed form to Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesman:

Guido: “You’ll be aware there is some confusion over the level of information that’s held in the files of the Stasi about Jeremy Corbyn… Considering your commitment to transparency on this would you possibly offer Jeremy Corbyn this consent form which we have filled in for him so that he can put the issue completely to bed about the Stasi… hand it to him and just sign it for us so we can get everything that’s there?

Seumas: “It’s very touching that you’re helping us out with our busy day but we’re not aware of any Stasi file held on Jeremy Corbyn and I understand that officials at the Berlin Stasi Archive Center have put in writing that there’s no such file. Of course we’re happy to…

Daily Mail: “Sign the form then if there’s no file?

Seumas: “It’s for people who think there is such a file or who are interested in looking at more Eastern bloc intelligence material collected during the Cold War about Jeremy and other people if they want to pursue that then it’s up to them. As far as I’m concerned and as far was we know there is no such file if you find out otherwise please do get in touch.

Journalist: “There is now a suggestion that Labour Action for Peace was infiltrated by German spies, Jeremy Corbyn was obviously involved in that organisation, was he aware of that at all?

Seumas “No.”

So we’re asking co-conspirators if they can help. When Jeremy Corbyn comes to your town why not ask him to autograph the consent form? You can download and print out the form hereIf he has nothing to hide, he will, right?

If a reader succeeds we will send him or her a certified piece of the Berlin Wall! 

UPDATE: Following pressure from the British presss the Stasi archives have released an unprecedented statement saying they have not found any records for Corbyn.

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