Matt Hancock Calls App Britain

Matt Hancock calls app Britain

— Media Guido (@MediaGuido) February 1, 2018

They may have the Silicon chip but we have the Silicon chap: Matt Hancock. The Culture Secretary is calling app Britain – he has created a new social network where fans can keep up with his every move. It’s basically Facebook, but just Matt Hancock’s feed. Anyway, the internet is loving it:

Once in a while, you come across an app for your phone that you know is going to make your life better in every possible way.

— Robert Hutton (@RobDotHutton) February 1, 2018

Deleted Tinder to make room for the Matt Hancock MP app.

— Helena Horton (@horton_official) February 1, 2018

I actually met my girlfriend on the Matt Hancock app but we tell people we met at a bar

— Rob Fuller (@robfuller91) February 1, 2018

anyone who fancies beers tonight, Matt Hancock me

— Alan White (@aljwhite) February 1, 2018

It’s trending on Twitter, but who uses that anymore?