Corbyn Jolly Yards From Trotsky’s House in Mexico City

Labour did not deny that Jeremy Corbyn visited Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky’s house on a communist-themed jolly to Mexico this week. As Labour ramped-up its NHS winter crisis rhetoric at home, Guido can reveal Corbyn was more than 5,000 miles away, dining yards from a communism museum housed in the Mexico City villa where Trotsky lived in exile for a year before he was assassinated. The Labour leader would have been able to visit the office where the Bolshevik revolutionary was bludgeoned to death by a Stalinist with an ice pick in 1940. Corbyn could also have passed by Trotsky’s grave, marked with a hammer and sickle and red flag…

Yesterday Jezza was photographed outside La Vienet restaurant in the Coyoacán area of Mexico City, just a block away from the Leon Trotsky House and Museum. Guido asked the Leader’s Office whether Jeremy had visited the Soviet shrine, about minute’s walk from where he was snapped. They did not deny he was there…

The Labour leader has long been a fan of Trotsky, who advocated violent revolution, the seizure of property and the destruction of capitalism. In 1988 Corbyn called on the Russian government to “completely rehabilitate” Trotsky, who as head of the Red Army was a central figure in orchestrating the bloody slaughter of the Russian Civil War. During that campaign alone Trotsky is thought to have overseen 1,500,000 deaths. The Trots’ entryism into Labour is complete…

UPDATE: 24 hours after first being asked (multiple times), Corbyn’s team gets in touch to claim instead that Jezza did not enter Trotsky’s house – despite dining and being photographed a stone’s throw from the Soviet shrine.

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