Labour Silent on Iran As Top Corbynistas Back Regime

Day six of the protests in Iran and still no comment from Jeremy Corbyn or Emily Thornberry. So far 450 protesters have been arrested and the death toll has exceeded 20. Boris has been defending the protesters’ right to demonstrate so why the silence from Labour? Surely nothing to do with Jezza publicly backing the country’s Khomeinist rulers on dozens of occasions, taking more than £20,000 of their cash for appearing on its fake news station Press TV, rubbing shoulders with Iranian propagandists even after he became leader, or attending the notorious Al-Quds day march backed by Iran. Read Corbyn’s record on Iran in full here.

Fortunately Jezza’s Twitter outriders can give us an idea of his thinking. Here’s Aaron Bastani from pro-Corbyn website Novara Media:

Astonished at how many *still* don’t get cheering on protest whatever it’s demands and whatever the political context. Any breakdown in Iranian regime *could* make Syria look like theme park. Yet many Brits still cheer on regime change >

— Aaron Bastani (@AaronBastani) December 31, 2017

And the infamous Harry Leslie Smith account is blaming the West and arguing Iran doesn’t need to be a democracy:

Probably the most important thing for #IranianProtests is to never believe American or British politicians when they say Iran needs to be a democracy b/c what they mean by freedom is your return to their spheres of influence like under the Shah when protesters were also shot.

— Harry Leslie Smith (@Harryslaststand) December 31, 2017

Unlike Corbynistas not to enjoy a protest…

UPDATE: Thornberry finally issues a statement.