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2017 was another record-breaking traffic year for Guido, with nearly 50 million visits to the site. The top ten stories in order of popularity over the last 12 months were:

  1. Khan Hosting Party With 11 Nations Who Ban Israelis
  2. Tory Aides’ Spreadsheet Names 36 Sex Pest MPs
  3. Corbyn Refuses to Bow to the Queen
  4. Corbyn Self-Destructs on Woman’s Hour
  5. Viral Animal Sentience Fake News Story Seen By 2 Million People
  6. Young Tories Joke About ‘Gassing Chavs’ in Activate WhatsApp Group
  7. Diane Abbott Police Numbers Car Crash
  8. Labour Repeatedly Tried to Do Deals With the DUP
  9. Owen Jones Gets Owned Over Venezuela
  10. Labour Candidate: ‘What Good Have the Jews Done?’

And here’s a few of our favourites from the political rollercoaster ride that was 2017…

Who can forget Jared O’Mara? Our revelations of the sexist and homophobic tirades of this wannabe-rockstar MP stunned Labour, ended his career and brought the party’s candidate selections into question. With the news cycle dominated by Brexit this year, our O’Mara stories offered some blessed relief.O’Mara was just one in our series of revelations about Labour’s new intake, including scoops on outspoken MPs such as Emma Dent Coad and Laura Pidcock. It fell to Guido to do much of the vetting which evidently fell by the wayside in the rush of the snap election. Still no thank-you from Labour HQ…Perhaps more predictably, there was no thanks from the leader’s office either for revealing Seumas Milne’s more comradely side this July. And on Brexit? As ever it was left to Guido to provide the counter-narrative to our remain-dominated press. Our long-running #DespiteBrexit series is set to continue into 2018. What else will the New Year bring? Whatever happens, Guido will bring it to you, first, fast and fun…

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