Williamson Attacks MSM for ‘Ignoring’ Prize He Didn’t Know About

“Why do you think there is a conspiracy amond UK MSM to suppress positive stories against Jeremy Cobyn?” @Jo_Coburn #bbcdp

“It’s pretty clear there was a media blackout” asks @DerbyChrisW “Jeremy is not one for bragging about his achievements” pic.twitter.com/a05hAMXI9X

— BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) 14 December 2017

Corbynistas have been in meltdown over the past week claiming that mainstream media outlets conspired to ignore a peace prize won by Jeremy Corbyn in September. Top Corbynista Chris Williamson today claimed there was a “blackout” on the news. Williamson was forced to admit that he didn’t actually know Corbyn had won the obscure award until last week – Labour and Corbyn’s team hadn’t publicised it.

Williamson also admitted he didn’t publicise news of the award himself despite his substantial social media presence. The prize, which is named for a former IRA commander, is so left-field it isn’t regularly reported anyway (UK papers have mentioned it twice since 1992). Corbynistas really need to choose their battles…