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A top Corbynista who claims to advise Jeremy Corbyn’s team told a panel event last night that prisons should be abolished and “the cops can f**k off”, Guido can reveal. Lefty campaigner Mika Minio-Paluello told an event hosted by pro-Corbyn website Novara Media yesterday: “I’m the chair of my local branch and I’ve also been doing various advice for Corbyn’s team and for Labour centre”. The Corbyn confidant went on to tell the room:

“Everybody agreed the cops can f**k off – you don’t want them in your neighbourhood… we want prison abolition and we want open borders.”

Minio-Paluello then discussed how violent criminal behaviour on the left should be dealt with internally, “without engaging the police”:

“It’s not just about opening the prisons. It’s about how you deal with hard sh*t, and I’m sure lots of people here will have been involved in groups where you as a political group having to go, how do we deal with people being aggressive to each other with violence within our movement without engaging the police.”

The self-proclaimed Labour adviser also talked about how “the hard left in Labour” could have “seized most of London” in next year’s local elections by winning council selections:

“Like on councils. We could theoretically have seized, as the Left, we could have seized most of London next May/June. The hard Left in Labour, if we’d been better organised, could have won lots of the councillor selections. Would have been tricky but we could have won more.”

And Minio-Paluello labelled both Progress and Stella Creasy “sh*t”:

“Labour in Walthamstow did have lots of meetings. They were run by Stella Creasy. Who I understand is sh*t.”

Mika and Novara Media are well in with Jezza, this is the Labour Party now…

UPDATE: A senior Labour source gets in touch to say “Mika is not an adviser to Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour Party”. Mika said she had been “doing various advice for Corbyn’s team and for Labour centre”. Which sounds like she has been helping them in an unofficial capacity…

UPDATE II: Yet Mika said last night that she advises the Shadow Cabinet on energy policy: “The work that we’re doing for them [the shadow cabinet] which is primarily on energy does build in pretty dramatic shifts in terms of our emissions.”

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