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Damian Green’s wife once said of him: “He’s got a very strong sex drive… He’s just not all that discriminating.” This is the least well kept secret in Westminster.

Unsheathing his sword of truth this morning and instructing libel lawyers, Kingsley Napley, presumably to go after The Sun, The Times, Guido, et al is brave deputy Prime Minister, very brave. If a writ arrives Guido will submit a defence: Truth.

Kate Maltby has recounted her story in The Times: the try on, a fleeting touch, the reference to the “understanding wife”, a hint of career advancement. This is a near identical story to one Guido was told a decade ago. The young woman concerned was an attractive Tory researcher who had even featured in one of Guido’s flattering Totty Watch articles. She told Guido she was furious because Damian Green had contrived to meet her alone and essentially invite her back to his place for some hanky panky, explaining that his wife was away. Sound familiar?

She wanted Guido to expose his behaviour, this – it was explained – would be difficult without her name coming out or at least her signing an affadavit. She decided against proceeding. Over the years Guido has heard a few stories, we even described him in 2008 as not safe in taxis.” After that story appeared, a well known figure in politics and the media called asking would we remove the reference? Guido said no. He sighed, “I thought you would say that…” We didn’t back down then and we won’t back down this time.

What is Damian Green actually guilty of? He is guilty of being a randy old fool.

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