Pidcock Shared Platform With ‘Punish Gays’ Imam

Corbynista firebrand Laura Pidcock shared a platform with an Imam who suggested in an “ideal society” gay people should be punished. Pidcock, who famously said she would not be friends with Tories, deemed it appropriate to speak alongside Abdul Qadeer Baksh at an Islamic Diversity Centre event in July 2013Baksh is Chair of Luton Islamic Centre (Al-Ghuraba Mosque), which was the subject of controversy when a Sunday Times investigation linked it to Westminster Bridge terrorist Khalid Masood. Baksh said in a BBC interview that an “ideal society” there would be “punishments for homosexuals”, adding: “When I say ‘ideal society’ I mean Islamic society, not a western secular society like we live in here”. He also reportedly attacked “Jews and the Christians” for “greed, jealousy and fornication”. Here he is with Pidcock, who was a Labour councillor at the time…

Baksh was the headteacher of the Olive Tree Primary School, Luton, where Ofsted inspectors found books “promoting and condoning” stoning, lashing and execution. The inspection was ordered by then Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw after the BBC Three Counties radio broadcast. Ofsted said the probe took place because of “the publicly expressed views of a member of the school’s senior leadership team”. Mr Baksh said later: “I don’t hate gays, I don’t want them punished, I simply related punishment for homosexuality in an Islamic state.”

Guido can also reveal Pidcock was due to speak alongside Islamic preacher Abdur Raheem Green at another conference held at St James’s Park football stadium in May 2015. Newcastle United banned Green from entering the stadium after he was accused of shouting anti-Semitic abuse. A Labour peer due to be on the panel boycotted the conference. The event went ahead with Pidcock in attendance. Her office declined to comment.

The revelations come after The Sun reported Labour MPs Wes Streeting and Stephen Kinnock were set to speak at a Mend event in Parliament with other extremists. Laura Pidcock: won’t be friends with Tories, but happy to share platforms with people holding these views…

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Jeremy Corbyn told by veteran Jewish MP Margaret Hodge…

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