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There are two lines of thoughts among MPs as to the motivation behind the Shapps plot. Is it is an attempt by Remainers to disrupt Brexit and install a pro-Remain PM? It is true that some arch-Remainers are on manoeuvres – Guido understands Anna Soubry texted the Chief Whip Gavin Williamson calling on May to go. Yet most Tories don’t think it is a Remain/Leave issue and instead blame disgruntled former ministers who have one thing in common: they lost their jobs. Shapps and Vaizey case in point. Soubry more privately vocal…

If Shapps had anything close to 48 names he would have gone to Graham Brady in the knowledge that the 1922 Committee chairman would tip May off that the threshold was approaching so she could go with dignity. Which means he is likely well short. Shapps¬†has always been self-mythologising and is seen by many as deluded – three weeks ago he said he wanted to be PM himself. Ministers are asking how many names on his list are his own?¬†It could snowball and get to 48 names, though if the whips did leak it to The Times, it’s only because they think sunlight will kill it…

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