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The Guardian continued its alt-reality Brexit coverage yesterday with a report claiming “Brexit campaigners” are using the “ECJ backlash” to “rally support for Rees-Mogg”. This backlash exists only in the fantasies of its author. So far most Brexiters are broadly on board with the government’s proposals on the ECJ. Rees-Mogg has given his tacit support. So the story makes no sense.

It was fashionable during silly season for bored journalists to write “Moggmentum” stories about Rees-Mogg becoming Tory leader. He is now second favourite with the bookies to replace Theresa May. If you think it’s going to happen bet here and Guido will happily take your money.

Rees-Mogg becoming leader would be more of an upset than Corbyn winning the Labour leadership. It is almost impossible under the Tory leadership election system – MPs select two candidates for the membership to choose from, Rees-Mogg will not be one of them. Jacob is a likeable man and a true Brexit believer, he’d make a good minister or select committee chairman but he is also a social conservative worth nine figures and not a potential Tory leader who could win an election. The “Ready for Mogg” campaign which lefties are taking seriously is a wheeze, he is a popular, amusing character who Tory kids like to share memes about, not someone who is going to galvanise the nation’s youth. Moggmentum isn’t real, it only serves to give lefty journalists ammunition to make the Tories look silly…

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