These MPs Are Just the Bookies’ Muppets

Silly season does not stop the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) from spreading their usual nonsense. Their Public Affairs Manager Ursula Servis phoned into a BBC Radio broadcast on FOBTs to explain how staff could help problem gamblers.

She claimed there are nine signs of problem gambling, but could only remember two of them when pushed by the interviewer. A car-wreck interview in which Ms. Servis did a mis-service to both FOBT addicts and the ABB…

Anne Main, Tory MP for St Albans is so concerned about the bookies’ profits that she tabled a question in the House at the end of recess, to be answered in September. She wants to know the government’s estimates of betting shop job losses related to FOBT stake reduction. She is not interested in the harm, crime and jobs lost as a consequence of FOBTs…

Toby Perkins, Labour MP for Chesterfield, proudly tweeted about visiting a Ladbrokes shop and learning about “responsible” gambling. Maybe a health professional could explain to Mr. Perkins that the strapline “When the fun stops – stop” means “When you are broke – it’s ok to quit!”

In October, when DCMS announces a recommendation for the FOBT maximum stake, now expected by analysts to be £2, it will be very interesting to see which Muppets will stand up for the bookies in the House.

Exposing to constituents where their shameful loyalties lie is not a smart career move…

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