UKIP’s Feisty Biker Rev Versus Momentum Fan in South Thanet

It is too late now to change any nominations in South Thanet. Craig Mackinlay’s name will be on the ballot paper, he cannot withdraw or be replaced and the Tories cannot put anyone else up. Nigel Farage said this morning that he thinks the seat is now a straight fight between UKIP and Labour – Nige must be kicking himself that he didn’t stand this time round. Instead UKIP’s hopes rest with the Reverend Stuart Piper, a Harley Davidson riding man of God and former helicopter technician. A few years ago he spent £50,000 trying to clear his name when he was sacked as a hospital chaplain for alleged gross misconduct – he won his employment tribunal case. Could UKIP’s feisty Rev make it to Westminster?

The Labour candidate Raushan Ara is a local community worker who owns the Ramsgate Tandoori. On her Facebook page she regularly shares Momentum and Corbyn videos. 

Mackinlay’s majority over UKIP was just 2,812, and Labour were 5,000 behind the Kippers in third. Game on…

UPDATE: Tories bullish about Craig Mackinlay holding Thanet South despite facing charges. Lot of postal votes cast before CPS decision.

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Appearing on BBC Radio West Midlands this morning, the Prime Minister was asked: “What are you getting Carrie for Christmas?”

Boris: “I’m going to get Brexit done”


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