You Won’t Believe Which Political Site is Most Viral

Last night’s News at Ten had a report about the “under the radar influence” of the Skwawkbox website which apparently produces viral stories on social media which get shared by millions. Guido can understand why Buzzfeed are interested in this area, their whole business model is based on going viral on social media platforms. Though their politics team don’t seem to have got the knack of it…

So let’s look at how Facebook’s insights measures who among our peers got the most engagement last week. Turns out post the Manchester attack the political website which is most focused on the jihadi threat did particularly well in terms of  engagement – Breitbart.

As you would expect during an election campaign Guido’s doing well, our site traffic is healthy – over quarter of a million hits yesterday. PA does quite well on Facebook, with the Speccie and the Staggers not far behind. You then go a long way down the table to find out how well Skwawkbox does engagement on Facebook. What about Twitter? Skwawkbox has some 11,000 followers to Guido’s 229,000. Seems oddly low if they are really the “under the radar” social media powerhouse that Amol Rajan reported…

UPDATE: We missed off The Canary Says and it is the most super viral by far…

That might be on the back of their now deleted fake news story about The Sun

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