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A proper Diane Abbott / Natalie Bennett / Ben Swain from the Thick of It clusterf**k of a car crash from Corbyn on Woman’s Hour. Filleted slowly but devastatingly by Emma Barnett, Corbyn could not say how much his free childcare pledge would cost and had to log onto his iPad in a desperate, vain attempt to find the figure. The silences were the killer…

Corbyn was also comically unsure as to whether he is still the vice-president of the CND, wavered on Brexit and refused to say three times if he would resign when he loses the election. A far more successful forensic destruction of Jezza than Paxo managed…


EB: How much will it cost?

JC: Er, it will cost, er. It will obviously cost a lot, we accept that.

EB: You presumany have the figures?

JC: Yes, I do.

EB: So how much will it cost?

JC: I’ll give you the figure in a moment.

EB: You don’t know it.

JC: Er…

EB: You’re logging into your iPad here. You’re announcing a major policy. and you don’t know how much it will cost?

JC: Can I give you the exact figure in a moment?

EB: You’re holding your manifesto, you’re flicking through it, you’ve got an iPad there, you’ve had a phone call while you’re in here, and yet you don’t know how much it’s going to cost.

JC: Can we come back go that in a moment?

EB: This is a policy you’re launching this morning.

JC: I think what is important for voters to understand is that if we don’t invest in our children they do less well in primary school. less well in secondary school. less will in the future.

EB: But you don’t know the cost?

JC: I want to give you an accurate figure.

EB: This is a very expensive policy. Mr Corbyn. I’m going to help you out with the figures. Would you like to hear how much it’s going to cost?

JC: What we think is, it’s important to invest for the whole community and collect the money back through taxation on the principle of universalism.

EB: Would you like to know how much your policy is going to cost, Mr Corbyn?

JC: What is your estimate of it?

EB: Well. it‘s actually from Angela Rayner, your shadow education secretary. £2.7billion, and then £4.8billion. With half
a billion to reverse the cuts to the Sure Start scheme. Does that sound about right?

JC: It does sound correct…

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