Another Corbynista Slips Though BBC Net

A few weeks back Guido told you how a prolific Corbynista was being used as a supposedly non-partisan NHS talking head on the BBC News Channel. Jezza’s fans are certainly having some success at slipping through the BBC producers’ net. The BBC News website has now run a story based on criticism of the Tory grammar schools policy by a Dr Alice Sullivan of the UCL Institute of Education. Sullivan is described by the Beeb as a “professor of sociology at University College London”. What they don’t mention is that she is also a massive Corbyn supporter who regularly promotes pro-Jez material on her Facebook page (which has now been taken down). Just last week she urged people to vote Labour “if not for yourself or your family… for the foxes“. She even signed a petition to get Jez on the leadership ballot…

Seems to be happening a lot…

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George Osborne reviews his career…

“After university, I tried and failed to get a job as a journalist — and so I became the Chancellor of the Exchequer instead. And when I tried and failed to stop Britain voting to leave the EU, I stopped being Chancellor and became a newspaper editor instead. I’d had enough of the fake news, the spin and fiddled expenses of politics. So I thought I’d try journalism instead.”


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