Fearless MP & Hero Activist Tackle Violent Thug While Canvassing

A Conservative candidate and a young activist are being hailed as heroes after they fearlessly tackled a brick-wielding thug who attacked their vehicle on the campaign trail. Romford candidate Andrew Rosindell and team member Chris Muspratt were campaigning on Monday when they heard a loud commotion. They turned to a see a violent hooligan smashing the passenger window of their campaign Land Rover with a motorcycle helmet. The scumbag then sped off on a stolen motorcycle…

Fearless Musspratt, 24, gave chase on foot. The vandal was promptly wrestled off the bike by members of the public, before making off through gardens. Chris, still in pursuit, cornered the lowlife, who then picked up a large brick block in an attempt to threaten the undeterred activist. Before Chris could carry out a citizen’s arrest, the criminal jumped into a getaway car and sped off…

Chris, an armed forces reservist, said:

“Andrew was so close to grabbing the vandal off his bike immediately after we witnessed him smashing the car... As the younger member in our group, I realised if anyone was going to have a go at catching the yob it was going to be me… I’m glad I didn’t just stand by and look forward to the police making an arrest due to the information and evidence I gained.”

Rosindell said:

“I am very grateful to Chris for attempting to detain the thug. I hope justice prevails and the suspect is found quickly. I was quite shaken but nothing will deter me from campaigning ahead of the general election.”

Police attended and as part of ongoing inquiries have identified a suspect. If you saw any part of the incident please contact Romford police…

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