Tory Candidate Jets Off on Holiday in Middle of Campaign

Election campaigns are exhausting and candidates can be forgiven for needing a bit of R&R every now and then. Packing your sun cream and jetting off on holiday is however probably best left to after polling day. Tell that to Paul White, the Tory candidate in Burnley, who has flown to Turkey to catch some rays right in the middle of his campaign. That’s him above in a photo bravely posted on his Facebook pageWhite tells Guido he booked the holiday before the election and his insurance wouldn’t have covered cancelling it…

Guido: “How’s the weather?”

Paul White: “It’s good, good, sunny.”

GF: “What’s the temperature?”

PW: “Thirty.”

GF: “Does Lynton Crosby know you’ve gone to Turkey on holiday in the middle of a 4 week campaign?”

PW: “I don’t know whether he does or not, but I was selected on the morning I was flying.”

GF: “How long are you away for?”

PW: “Well, supposed to be a week, but I’m probably going to come back early.”

GF: “What are your chances in Burnley?”

PW: “I’d like to come second, I’d like to win obviously, but I’d like to get us to second.”

GF: “Did you not have insurance for your holiday?”

PW: “Not to cancel for all that. I realise it’s obviously not ideal.”

GF: “Do you think when you’re up for a safer seat in future that you going on holiday in the middle of a campaign will go down well with a selection committee?”

PW: “No, no I don’t, no.”

What would Lynton say?

UPDATE: He’s crowdfunding his campaign. He’s raised £13 so far. Early days…

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