Tories Make “Nonsensical” Election Attack Buzzword

Forget “strong and stable”, the Tories have made “nonsensical” their attack buzzword of the election, using it to bash Jeremy Corbyn 25 times on TV and in press releases over the last two weeks. The first use Guido can find was by Theresa May 13 days ago while answering questions during a campaign visit to Bridgend. The Tories clearly liked it, they’ve used it around twice a day ever since.

7 May, Luke Hall: “A coalition of chaos and instability led by a weak, floundering and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn.”

7 May, Nicola Blackwood: “A strong economy which Corbyn would risk with his nonsensical economic ideas.”

7 May, Priti Patel: “The man Jeremy Corbyn wants to make Chancellor believes that the nonsensical ideas of Karl Marx should be at the heart of Britain’s economic policy.”

3 May, Luke Hall: “A vote for anyone other than Theresa May and the Conservatives risks a floundering, weak and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.”

3 May, Philip Dunne: “This is just another nonsensical plan from Jeremy Corbyn.”

3 May, Gavin Barwell: “This nonsensical and unfair idea would punish people who have worked hard.”

3 May, David Davis: “Jeremy Corbyn’s nonsensical and irresponsible ideas pose a grave risk to the future of Britain’s economy.”

3 May, Jeremy Hunt: “This is just another nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn idea.”

2 May, Steve Baker: “Every vote for the Lib Dems risks putting the weak and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.”

2 May, Philip Hammond: “Jeremy Corbyn’s nonsensical ideas would put our economy at grave risk.”

2 May, Amber Rudd: “Their nonsensical promises aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.”

1 May, Brandon Lewis: “This is just another nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn idea which he can’t pay for.”

1 May: Gavin Barwell: “This is just another misjudged and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn idea.”

30 April, Theresa May: “I think Jeremy Corbyn’s economical policies are nonsensical I think they just don’t add up.”

30 April, David Gauke: “He wants to clobber Britain with nonsensical tax rises, and families would pay the price.”

29 April, David Gauke: “This is another set of nonsensical promises from Jeremy Corbyn that he simply can’t deliver.”

29 April, Patrick McLoughlin: “His nonsensical speech today demonstrated that he is just not up to it.”

28 April, Patrick McLoughlin: “The weak, floundering and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn who doesn’t even have the confidence of three quarters of his own MPs.”

28 April, Stuart Andrew: “Senior Labour figures will cut deals with anyone to put floundering, nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.”

27 April, Boris Johnson: “People watch his meandering and nonsensical questions.”

27 April, Maria Caulfield: “A floundering, weak and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn that will put our nation’s future at risk.”

26 April, Bob Neill: “Jobs would be lost if the weak, failing, nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn ended up in Downing Street.”

26 April, Nigel Adams: “A floundering and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn propped up by a coalition of chaos.”

25 April, Philip Dunne: “All that’s at risk with Jeremy Corbyn’s nonsensical economic policies that would mean less money for the NHS”

25 April, Theresa May: “It’s yet another nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn plan for the future in terms of Brexit.”

Makes sense…

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Boris responds to Tusk…

“I don’t want a No Deal Brexit but I say to our EU friends if they don’t want No Deal they have got to get rid of the backstop from treaty. If Donald Tusk doesn’t want to go down in history as Mr No Deal Brexit then I hope this point will be borne in mind by him too.”


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