Voters Say: Corbyn an Anteater, May an Owl

Lord Ashcroft’s latest focus group was held across three fascinating London seats: LibDem targets Bermondsey & Old Southwark (where Farron’s party hopes to oust Labour), Twickenham (where they hope to oust the Tories), and Brentford & Isleworth – which if it changes hands on June 8th will have done so in three consecutive general elections. Voters were asked: if May and Corbyn were animals, which would they be?

On Corbyn:

“An anteater. He kind of resembles one, for some reason. But it’s more the manner of an anteater. It’s not get-up-and-go, it’s kind of in its place, isn’t it, the anteater…

A cat.” What sort of cat? “Not a wildcat”. “Maybe a meerkat. He stands up on his legs and looks around when something’s happening, but then goes back down again…

“A turtle. Sticks his head out, sheepishly…” 

And Theresa May?

“An owl. Sits in her tree and gets on with it. Astute… I think maybe an owl. Quite poised, and intelligent…

A British bulldog… What are those ones that look like wolves? Huskies… You know, I think huskies are quite gentle, and I don’t think she’s gentle…

“I think she’s more of an Alsatian. She barks, but to really bite the bone, I don’t think she’s there yet…

“I was thinking of a bull. Strong, standing her ground. Bulls are not usually angered, there has to be a reason, so they’re usually calm…

“I’d probably say a bull. She kind of runs with her ideas and nobody dares to stand in her way, so you just have to accept it’s Theresa May and just let her do what she wants, really.”

May: the strong bulldog and the stable owl…

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Quote of the Day

Change UK MP Joan Ryan tells Change UK’s South West ‘rally’:

“Can everyone look at their hands please?”

*everyone holds out their hands in front them*

“That’s it, it’s there, the future is in your hands.”


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