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The Communist Party of Britain has announced it will not stand candidates at the election and ask its supporters to vote for Corbyn’s Labour instead. The reds write in the Morning Star, obviously:

“In every general election since the formation of the CP in 1920, we have stood our own candidates, not least in 2015 when we fielded nine. Now, on this occasion, we we will not contest any seats, although this does not signal any withdrawal from the electoral arena in the future.

“We call for a Labour vote in every constituency across Britain, despite the reactionary views of numerous Labour Party candidates. Communist Party organisations will approach local Labour Party bodies in their area with offers of practical campaigning assistance…

“The higher the Labour vote and the number of Labour MPs elected, the more secure will be the position of Jeremy Corbyn and his left allies in the Parliamentary Labour Party.”

What a day for the Tories – Communist-backed Labour busy arguing about Trident, UKIP’s leader bottling standing

UPDATE: A brief history lesson…

In the eighties the Communist Party of Great Britain was split between a ‘Stalinist’ pro-Soviet faction and an anti-Soviet “Eurocommunist” faction. Some lefties were very upset that the CPGB was rejecting Soviet communism. They denounced the Eurocommunists as CIA plants. The anti-Eurocommunist faction included Corbyn’s two top spinners Seumas Milne and Steve Howell. Milne and Howell worked for Straight Left, a Stalinist newspaper which represented the pro-Soviet, anti-Eurocommunist wing of the CPGB. Pro-Soviet CPGB members split and set up the Communist Party of Britain. Supporters included Stop the War’s Andrew Murray, a friend of Corbyn. It is this Communist Party of Britain, the pro-Soviet, Stalinist wing full of Corbyn’s old mates, which has endorsed Labour today…

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