Meet Jeremy Corbyn’s Biggest Fan: A Drug-Toting, Cider-Swilling, C-Bombing Rapper

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign is today endorsed by a drug-toting, foul-mouthed rapper once invited to represent British youths in Parliament. Guido can reveal grime artist Sonny Green – who boasts of working with Fatboy Slim, Brian May and Pete Doherty – has been inspired by Corbyn’s anti-establishment campaign message and released a song named after the leader. The lyrics for ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ are highly explicit…

“F*** OFF establishment, Theresa May you dirty c***,
“At the top these nonces run… I sit here and ramble on…
“Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest FAN… Corbyn what ya say?
“They assassinate your character, you’re smiling in their face,
“I’ve been rioting on stage, the youth will…
Britain Britannica… if you got the vision to be different your a gangster,
“Save Our NHS and invest it communal,
“Brexit’s gone beautiful, NOT – a Joke it’s NOT…
“Kill the Robot There coming for your job, they’re gonna f*** your wife with a robotic c***”

The video, shot in a graffiti-stained abandoned prison, begins with a recording of a Corbyn interview with Andrew Marr. It shows Green toting what appears to be a spliff and swilling cider from a can. It ends with him addressing Corbyn directly: “Jeremy, mate, you need a hand? Just bell me, I’m here bruv“. It is subtitled “Let’s get Jeremy in the charts”…

In 2013 the Corbynista rapper was invited to perform at the House of Commons. He said“They wanted me to represent my generation because of what I have to say. They’ve called me the ‘poet of our generation”. Green demonstrated far-left credentials when he ditched his A-Levels to join the Occupy movement, pitching a tent outside St Paul’s Cathedral. Guido’s not sure this part of Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-establishment message will play that well in middle-England swing-seats…

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George Freeman on Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit Position:

“The Leader of the Opposition’s Position is crystal clear – he’s for Leave up north and Remain down south.”


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