Starmer Rubbishes Copeland Excuses

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer has rubbished the excuses offered by Corbynistas for Labour’s loss in Copeland, warning there is currently “no prospect” of the party winning in 2020. Speaking at a lunch with Lobby journalists, Sir Keir gave short shrift to those who have blamed the Copeland result on Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Jamie Reed and the media: “The loss in Copeland was really serious, I don’t think some of the reasons put forward are compelling… If things don’t improve there is no prospect of Labour winning the general election”.

Sir Keir revealed how a constituent had sent him a bottle of lavender de-stressing oil and a tub of anti-ageing cream accompanied by a note saying he “wasn’t looking great”. As well as offering his opinions as a former donkey owner: “The worst thing about having a donkey is what to do when it dies”. And recalling how a serial conman once stole his identity to seduce women while he was Director of Public Prosecutions. Starmer also confirmed that if the Lords amend the Brexit Bill to ensure a vote on Britain’s EU exit deal, Labour will  “support it”. Pure coincidence that ambitious Sir Keir is spending time cosying up to the press…

H/T: Lobby lunchers

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