Now The Bookies Have Gone Nuclear, Who Will Be To Blame For The Fallout? mdi-fullscreen

Analysts are forecasting problems for the betting industry” warned an industry trade magazine last week, as bookmakers pressed the nuclear button in their latest offensive to protect FOBTs.

Share prices have dropped, sounds from Government aren’t good and in an echo of the Pay Day money lender battle, even the Church is now taking on FOBTs. The penny has finally dropped at the ABB HQ, that the game is very nearly up for their £100 stake roulette machines.

So, they’ve launched their nuclear option – dishing the dirt on MPs, their industry colleagues and spinning a stream of lies to any journalists still listening to them.

As the Independent commentedWhat do you do if you’re having trouble countering your opponent’s argument? You shout a lot and wave your fists and try and obscure it with smoke and steam. Which is what the ABB has done here and explains why the fire brigade might want to hightail it down to its offices.”

Rumour has it one “leading” CEO is claiming he wants to cut the stakes on FOBTs, but “fears for his job” if he speaks up! Real bookmakers have never had any trouble speaking up – “FOBT machines really frighten me as they’re so addictive”.

Now the Bookies have gone nuclear, they can only blame themselves for the fallout that lands on their betting shop doorsteps. The ABB’s CEO Malcolm George will need to get his radiation suit on!

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