Owen Jones Ditches Corbyn

Owen Jones has been distancing himself from the Corbyn project for some time, a careful balancing act between maintaining his lefty street cred and his future career. He lost the plot with Guido last year for reporting his comments to a Spanish newspaper that Corbyn would “never win“. Now Owen has given Jez the bullet on the record:

“The Left has failed badly. I’d find it hard to vote for Corbyn… They have made lots of bad mistakes. There’s been a lack of strategy, communication, vision. If there’s an election now Jeremy will go and a new leader will probably shift the party to the Right. He won’t last unless he turns things around…  [He’d back a younger leader] able to keep Labour’s fractured coalition together.”

A very handy narrative for Owen’s ambitious mate Clive Lewis…

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Quote of the Day

Quentin Letts says…

“I have had 18 busy and exhilarating years with the Mail and can only thank the paper’s readers and editors, and Lord Rothermere, for their generosity.”


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