Shadow London Minister to Defy Whip on Article 50

Shadow London minister Andy Slaughter has told constituents he will defy Corbyn’s three line whip and vote against Article 50. Despite backing an EU referendum, in an email seen by Guido Slaughter now says he will vote against implementing the result:

“I am a passionate pro-European, who worked hard for the Remain campaign last summer and still believes our prosperity, security, culture and values will be strengthened by close relations with the rest of Europe, including through membership of the EU. 70% of the voters of Hammersmith voted to Remain. I have always thought my first loyalty is to my constituents and thousands have lobbied me to vote against the trigger…

But none of these is the reason I will be voting against triggering Article 50… What has convinced me to vote against the trigger was the decision by Theresa May in her speech two weeks ago, repeated and expanded on since, that this would be not only the first but the final chance to influence not just whether but on what terms the UK left the EU.”

Slaughter resigned in protest at Corbyn’s leadership during the coup last year, then returned to the frontbench with his tail between his legs. He isn’t responsing to Guido’s texts asking if he now plans to resign again…

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