Review of 2016: Another Record-Breaking Year

2016 was a record-smashing traffic year for Guido, with nearly 42 million visits to the site. Our coverage of the referendum and our revelatory agenda-setting stories brought us thousands of new daily readers. Encouragingly they seem to have stuck around. The top ten traffic posts published in the last 12 months were:

  1. Irish Times Breaks Celebrity Threesome Injunction
  2. Lawyers Only People Enjoying Celebrity Threesome
  3. Now David Furnish and Elton John Threaten Google
  4. Elton John Packs David Furnish’s Bags
  5. Injunction to Be Lifted Pending Appeal
  6. Telegraph Pulls Article After May Campaign Pressure
  7. Sarah Olney Walks Out of Interview
  8. Bercow Knew Vaz Was Under Police Investigation
  9. New Cabinet in Full
  10. Labour MP: Israelis Should Face “Transportation”

It is a marker of the public interest in celebrity olive oil trysts that Elton John and David Furnish make up the top five most-viewed posts of the year, as well as the single highest record traffic day in the blog’s 12 year history. Carter Ruck succeeded in gagging the British press, not Guido. Which made being sat next to Elton’s publicist at the GQ Christmas party all the more merry…

In April, Guido broke the anti-Semitism scandal that became one of the year’s main themes. Our revelations saw Labour MP Naz Shah suspended, inspired Ken Livingstone‘s multiple Hitler meltdowns and forced Jeremy Corbyn to launch an inquiry and boot out 50 anti-Semites. If it wasn’t for Guido, Baroness Chakrabarti would still be plain old Shami…

As other gloomy end of year reviews pray for the end of 2016, Guido’s celebrates the year Britons voted to take back control. In the weeks that followed the referendum we were first with the news Nigel Farage was quitting as UKIP’s leader, first with Andrea Leadsom pulling out of the Tory leadership race and first with Angela Eagle’s decision to quit the Labour leadership contest. Alas 2016 wasn’t all about the winning: lunch with Nigel was particularly expensive. Happy New Year from all at Guido, if you thought 2016 was a great year then stay tuned, the fun won’t stop in 2017…

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Quote of the Day

Scruton reflects on Twitter’s vigilantes…

“We in Britain are entering a dangerous social condition in which the direct expression of opinions that conflict – or merely seem to conflict – with a narrow set of orthodoxies is instantly punished by a band of self-appointed vigilantes. We are being cowed into abject conformity around a dubious set of official doctrines and told to adopt a world view that we cannot examine for fear of being publicly humiliated by the censors. This world view might lead to a new and liberated social order; or it might lead to the social and spiritual destruction of our country. How shall we know, if we are too afraid to discuss it?”


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