BBC and Russell Howard are right about Philip Davies MP


Tory MP for Shipley, Philip Davies or “toad faced hypocrite” as he is more commonly known, has been busy defending the “freedom” of people to be allowed to work for nothing!

He “Philip Blustered” along with David “All Nuts” Nuttall MP just droning on and on and on in order to block one of their fellow Tory MP’s Private Members Bill. All Alec Shelbrooke was proposing was that minimum wage levels should be applied to interns. We think poor Phil may be confused of the definitions of an “intern”. For the record Phil, they are not people who have been confined to prison for political or military reasons!

But, the bookmakers’ cheerleader has form on this and he gives comedians like Russell Howard the opportunity to brand him an “arsehole, a wanker and a bullshitter” on prime TV. More embarrassingly for Davies, when he penned a complaint, he was told to get lost by the BBC.

Filibustering Phil once said in a radio interview “personally I’ve got no particular objection to people having their free speech however objectionable it may be”. He was talking about the right to express homophobic and racist comments. But when it came to Russell Howard’s expression of opinion on him, he certainly took objection.

The bookmakers have been rolling old Phil out at every opportunity over the last few years to help them defend their indefensible FOBTs, because that’s what Phil does. He takes their freebies to the race courses and fails to declare it when questioning his CEO bookmaking friends; enjoys preferential treatment on his betting accounts and has to apologise over his non declarations. Maybe the BBC and Russell Howard are right about this MP.

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Quote of the Day

The Daily Mirror has heard that at the shadow cabinet meeting, Nick Brown lost his train of thought so John McDonnell handed over a piece of paper to help out.

Brown: “You’re really helpful“.

McDonnell: “Yes I am. But it would be great if somebody could tell Skwawkbox that“.



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