Those Project Fear Predictions in Full


Those Project Fear predictions in full:

David Cameron: “The job you do, the home you live in are at risk. The shock to our economy after leaving Europe would tip the country into recession.”

George Osborne: “A vote to leave would tip our economy into year-long recession with at least 500,000 UK jobs lost”

Treasury: “UK economy would fall into recession”, predicted 2016 Q3 growth between -0.1% and -1%

IMF: “Brexit would trigger recession”, predicted -0.3% GDP for Q3

Bank of England: Mark Carney said “It would be likely to have a negative impact in the short term… I certainly think that would increase the risk of recession.”

OECD: Short term impact of -1.25% GDP

Today’s GDP figures are +0.5%.

Also worth dealing with the Remainers who are countering this by whining that “we haven’t left the EU yet”. The predictions above were for the aftermath of a vote to leave, not Brexit itself.

Meanwhile Nissan have this morning confirmed it will build its new car in Sunderland. More good economic news “despite Brexit”…

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