Balls Endorses Hammond Plan


Surprising to see dry-as-dust Philip Hammond sounding like one of those ‘Red Tories’ you hear so much about. The Chancellor’s broadcast round and conference speech have moaned about Brexit and adopted a Ballsian economic plan of maintaining a deficit, borrowing more money and blowing it on as yet unfunded spending projects. Just last year the Tories warned Labour would “wreck” the economy with effectively the same policies. You know alarm bells should be ringing when Ed Balls himself endorses the Hammond plan:

“Good that Philip Hammond is shifting towards a more balanced deficit reduction plan”

Hammond says Balls’ dancing is better than his economic analysis. Balls then praises Hammond’s economic plan…

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Quote of the Day

Jacob Rees-Mogg on Theresa May

“There comes a point at which the policy and the individual become so intimately connected that it would be very hard to carry on supporting the person who is promoting this policy.”


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