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It all seems a long while ago now, but there used to be a Prime Minister called David Cameron. He thought he could get a good deal from the EU, sell it as a good deal to the public and easily win a Remain vote. He was blue-sky thinking with his head in the clouds.

If he had spent less time listening to Mr. Osborne, he might have had a chance to find out more about the issues concerning the wider public. Even just listening to local councils would have been a good start.

There is currently the best ever supported re-submission under the Sustainable Communities Act, by Newham Council, which is to reduce the maximum stake on FOBTs in betting shops from £100 to £2 per spin. Under the terms of the Act, government response is overdue.

Government has the power to reduce the stake without new primary legislation if there is evidence of FOBT harm. The evidence is now absolutely clear, but government has still not agreed.

In the event that government does not try to reach agreement, then there is the unprecedented option under the Act for legal action against the government by any interested party.

Mr. Cameron said in the House that he would take a proper look at FOBTs, but the blindfold provided by the bookies never came off. This is just one left-over issue that the new Prime Minister needs to urgently resolve.

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