Owen Smith Grilled By Hecklers at Half-Empty BBQ

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Owen Smith rolled his tanks onto Jezza’s lawn on Sunday by holding a barbecue in the Corbynista hotspot of London Fields. Unfortunately supporters were unimpressed by the attendance and lack of vegetarian option – “a few kebab sticks on a griddle, there aren’t enough for the food to make its way round to us”. Oily warned guests the burgers were “dodgy“, before he was heckled: “You’ve got no passion, mate”. How many turned up? According to Vice:

“This time last year, Liz Kendall had her own “Picnic with Liz” up in Dulwich Park on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, and she still managed to pull in 40 people. Owen’s got about the same now, except it’s Sunday and glorious, and Liz eventually managed to poll just four percent of the Labour vote.”

While a second visitor describes the event as “terrible“:

“It struck me that literally anyone offering free beer and burgers in East London could attract two dozen people, and I have a sneaking suspicion that if there had been a similar event on Facebook with the only difference being no mention of Owen Smith, more people would have turned up.”

Half of those who did turn up were Momentum supporters who had only come along to see how much of a threat Owen posed”. If Jezza had a BBQ he could’ve filled the park twice over…

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