Mandy’s Mid-Air Tantrum: “My Favourite Seat is 1A”


A co-conspirator points Guido in the direction of a post on the Flyertalk BA Executive Club forum, where jet-setters share stories from 40,000 ft.

My experience was with a well known British Labour Politician, lets just go with Peter M ……

I was flying Qatar, London – Doha , I had rebooked 1A, when I boarded I noticed someone was in my seat, when I asked why, the said passenger told me “Please talk to the crew, this is my favourite seat, I am sure they will find you an alternative”

I knew the land side manager from flying every week for the last 6 months, so I had a word, as the Cabin Crew could not do anything as he had VVIP next to his name apparently, the manager asked for his boarding card, which was in 5D, after another 10 mins discussion which included the said person saying “surely this passenger can move to my seat” obviously thought that possession was 90% of the law. Finally he did move, not a word to my face and spent the rest of the flight refusing all contact with CC including food and drink.

Don’t you know who I used to be?

UPDATE: A second co-conspirator recounts another story about flying with Mandy:

“he has form – tried to get my brother moved from his seat “do you know who I am” and the kicked up a stink about being to stop using his mobile during take-off. Sadly the cc refused said brother’s kind offer to resolve the mobile phone situation.”

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