Kinnock Condemned Private Schools as “Wrong”


Stephen Kinnock raged against private schools then sent his daughter to a £29,000-a-year fee-paying school in Wales, according to reports in the Danish press. In 2009, while his wife Helle Thorning-Schmidt was trying to become Prime Minister of Denmark, Kinnock gave an interview to the Borsen Pleasure newspaper in which he is quoted discussing his experience of private schools in Britain:

“I think it is wrong that you can buy your way into something which affects your life chances to such a large extent as education does. Most of the students had gone to the same schools around the country. It might be Eton or Harrow, and it made me very indignant. It still makes me extremely angry that more than 50-60% of students at elite universities come from private schools where they have been in small classes with the best teachers and the best facilities.”

Kinnock and Thorning-Schmidt sent their daughter to a Danish private school, and then to the prestigious Atlantic College, another private school in the Vale of Glamorgan. Last week Kinnock was blasted for hiding his daughter’s private education from his selection panel – he had said it was “misleading” to say she had gone to a private school. They are so “wrong” and made him so “extremely angry” that he sent his daughter to two of them…

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