Shami Chakrabarti: I Wouldn’t Accept “Honours” in “Exchange” for Silence

Labour’s anti-semitism inquiry author Shami Chakrabarti yesterday refused to answer in a J-TV interview whether or not Corbyn had offered her a gong. A far cry from April this year, when she directly told Owen Jones she thought it wasn’t “flattering” to be offered gongs “in exchange for your silence”:

“Yeah sometimes people will try to woo you, and that would be very flattering if the deal was ‘We’re gonna change our policy’. But it’s not flattering if at times there’s a suggestion that you would take various honours or jobs or whatever it is in exchange for your silence.”

Corbyn’s office have refused to deny they offered Chakrabarti a peerage, and Chakrabarti herself won’t deny it. She’s certainly remaining silent about that…

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