++ Corbyn on the Ballot ++


“The NEC has agreed that as the incumbent Leader Jeremy Corbyn will go forward onto the ballot without requiring nominations from the Parliamentary Labour Party and the European Parliamentary Labour Party. All other Leadership candidates will require nominations from twenty percent of the PLP and EPLP.”

18-14 in his favour – comfortable…

UPDATE: New rules mean you can only vote if you’ve been a member for six months, if not you have to pay £25:

The freeze date for Labour Party members eligible to vote in the Leadership contest has been agreed by the NEC as six months (February 2016).

The NEC has agreed that the one-off payment for Registered Supporters in this contest will be £25. Details of how to become a Registered Supporter to vote in this contest will be published on Thursday, along with the timetable.

Not that this’ll put off the poshos for Corbyn…

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