Andrea’s “Journey” From Remainer to Brexiteer

Andrea Leadsom’s first test in a major one-on-one interview was bumpy – she admitted she used to be a Remainer, wouldn’t rule out giving Farage a job and was unprepared for questions about her taxes. In 2013 she said “I’m going to nail my colours to the mast here. I don’t think the UK should leave the EU. I think it would be a disaster for the economy”. If Stronger In had been half competent this would have come out during a referendum TV debate…

Gove was then beaten up by Marr for betraying Boris. Marr told him he should have driven across London and told his friend in person rather than “humiliating him publicly”Box office but not much in the way of questions about his pitch to voters.

Theresa May gave a very scripted set of answers to Peston. She optimistically said Tory members are not looking for a “Brexit Prime Minister”. The Remain Home Secretary who oversaw the failure to meet immigration targets then claimed there was no “silver bullet” to control numbers. Stephen Crabb is probably giving an interview somewhere later.

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Quote of the Day

Cameron on that shameful Guardian leader…

“There is no privilege in holding your eldest-born child in your arms as their life drains away. Death knows no privilege.”


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