Gove: Why I Knifed Boris

Gove speaks:

“Boris is a big character with great abilities and I enjoyed working with him in the referendum campaign, when he campaigned with great energy and enthusiasm. But there is something special about leading a party and leading a country, and I had the opportunity in the last few days to assess whether or not Boris could lead that team and built that unity. And I came reluctantly but firmly to the conclusion that while Boris has many talents and attributes, he wasn’t capable of building that team. And there were a number of people who had said to me during the course of the week, ‘Michael it should be you’. I reflected on those comments, I reflected on the individuals who made that case, and I came, last night, with a degree of hesitation, but ultimately believing that this was absolutely the right thing to do, I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to put myself forward.”

Here are the MP declarations as of 5:30pm tonight:

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