Labour Remainers Split Down the Middle


Dave’s decision to stand back and let Labour take charge of the Remain campaign is going well then. The party has split down the middle in the space of 48 hours.

Labour Remainers who want to keep free movement:

Jeremy Corbyn: Will fight to defend free movement.

John McDonnell: Told Peston he is against controls.

Ed Miliband: Problems shouldn’t be blamed on immigration.

Gordon Brown: Immigration is the BBC’s agenda.

Hilary Benn: Free movement is “part of the deal”.

Chuka Umunna: Happy with renegotiation on free movement.

Caroline Flint: Restrictions will hit Britons travelling to EU.

Chi Onwurah: Does not agree with Ed Balls.

Labour Remainers who want free movement reformed:

Tom Watson: Free movement rules must end.

Ed Balls: EU must impose new controls.

Yvette Cooper: Also says new controls needed.

Andy Burnham: Immigration key factor for Brexit voters.

Tristram Hunt: Wants UK to get grip on EU migrants.

Anna Turley: We have to look at freedom of movement.

Michael Dugher: Talking about immigration better late than never.

Those calling for reform want Brussels to suddenly tear up the main principle of the European project – it will never happen – as Stephen Bush says they might as well back Brexit. Yesterday morning Tom Watson tweeted: “The whole Labour family together today with a single, simple message.” Didn’t last long…

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