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Last night Guido revealed Sarah Wollaston was set to quit Vote Leave. This morning the career contrarian turned turncoat has confirmed she’s defecting to Remain. Above you can see her recent Twitter posts where she certainly gave the impression she was a committed outer. Just a couple of months ago Sarah said:

David Cameron was right that the EU will need further reform but if this is the best that can be grudgingly conceded when there is a serious risk of a British exit, what chance of any meaningful further reform if and when we are tied-in long term by the referendum? The proposed red card system to halt unwanted EU diktats will need a majority of other leaders in support…so it is vanishingly unlikely to be of use if future policies are imposed against our national interest.

Today she attacks the £350 million Vote Leave figure, which she has been vocally critical of before. Odd to say the least that she would suddenly use this as her excuse to change sides. There are rumours of another long-term “Eurosceptic” MP declaring for Remain today…

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