Campaign Report: 16 Days to Go


Leave message: EU rules mean we can’t extradite foreign villains.

Remain message: Last day to register to vote.

Cut through: PM bashes Brexit “Untruths”.

Leave social media count: 459,406 likes, 52,615 followers.

Remain social media count: 459,661 likes, 34,817 followers.

Odds: Remain 4/11, Leave between 13/5 and 11/4

Latest poll: Remain 43% (+2), Leave 42% (-3) (YouGove, online). Poll of Polls is now Remain 51%, Leave 49%.

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Quote of the Day

Emmanuel Macron comes over all euro-sceptic…

“We ended the day on what we can call a failure. It’s a very bad image we are giving of the Council and Europe, no one can be satisfied with what happened over so many hours. Our credibility is profoundly tainted with these meetings that are too long and lead to nothing, we give an image of Europe that isn’t serious. We cannot hold talks with world leaders, in an ever more violent world, and be a club that meets at 28 without ever deciding anything.”


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