JP Morgan’s Stephanie Flanders: Remainers ‘Exaggerating’ Costs of Brexit


JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon offered another doom-mongering prediction this morning, claiming Brexit would be “terrible” for the economy and thousands of jobs would be lost. He should read the analysis of his own Chief Market Strategist, one Stephanie Flanders. She says Remain campaigners warning of Armageddon are exaggerating:

“Though we anticipate a vote in favour of remaining in the European Union , a “leave” vote in the coming UK referendum is a distinct possibility and is something that investors should be prepared for. Long term, the costs… of Brexit to the UK economy are probably exaggerated by commentators and campaigners”

Of course, JP Morgan supported the single currency, spends millions lobbying the European Commission and is a major donor to Stronger In. No further questions…

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